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Automobile Claims

Accident Benefits Task Assignment

Our firm is equipped to handle first party property damage claims, accident benefit claims and automobile liability claims.

Accident Benefit claims present a uniquely complex and demanding challenge to the Insurer. Timeliness is pivotal to fair and accurate assessment, as well
as customer service. It is imperative that the insurer obtain the correct information as soon as possible. While we offer full handling services, the insurer may not wish to engage the full services of an independent adjuster and to that end we offer the Accident Benefit Task Assignment.

For a FLAT FEE, we will attend with a potential AB claimant and obtain a detailed signed statement documenting: > personal identification > medical history > social history > academic history and > employment history. We will also obtain a description of the accident, injuries and treatments, and loss of income.

We deliver Application Packages (where appropriate) and provide you, (the Insurer) with a First and Final report outlining our findings, as well as recommendations.

The Five Point Tort Automobile Task Assignment

The five point tort task is intended to provide your company with a cost-effective and prompt synopsis of the accident circumstances, involved parties, liability issues and police & witness details. With the TASK REPORT you are able to quickly and accurately project exposure to calculate and post appropriate reserves. Our TASK REPORT will help you anticipate the future direction of any claims and allow you, the insurer to formulate a defense strategy.

The TASK REPORT is delivered within 30 days of assignment. It contains the following information:

1. Detailed signed statement from the Insured and/or Insured operator.

2. Copy of the police report (and results of police interview when necessary).

3. Scene photos and diagrams, along with discussion (ie. unusual circumstances)

4. Detailed statements from available witnesses.

5. Detailed statements from Third Party claimants. In cases where the Third Party is represented or refuses to cooperate we will gather information from the solicitor and the Accident Benefits carrier.