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Liability Claims

Our investigation of full handle claims will include statements with insureds, claimants, witnesses as appropriate; scene investigations including detailed photographs; securing of police and fire reports as required which will all be summarized in a detailed report of our findings.

Our team of experienced full handle adjusters can engage in settlement of claims in accordance with the insurers instructions to bring these files to a prompt conclusion.


The 5 point tort task is intended to provide your company with a cost effective and prompt synopsis of the accident circumstances, involved parties, liability issues and police / fire and witness details. With this task report you are able to quickly and accurately project exposure to calculate and post appropriate reserves. Our task report will help you anticipate the future direction of any claims and allow you the insurer to formulate a defense strategy. The task report is delivered within 30 days of assignment and contains the following information:

  1. Detailed signed statement from the insured.
  2. Copy of police / fire reports and results of interviews when necessary.
  3. Scene photographs and diagrams and explanation of same.
  4. Detailed statements from available witnesses.
  5. Detailed statements from the claimants.  In cases where the claimant is represented, we will endeavor to secure the required information from the solicitor to assess liability and quantum of damages and reserve exposures.